This ‘Theatrical Surreal Avante Garde Artist’, delivers Powerful-Magnetic Tune$ with, Soul searching lyrics, *Psychedelic Grooves, and ‘Haunting Melodies from Twilight.

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*OhmAngeL* The Mystical ComiCbook Character comes to *Life on Earth* to *Deliver US from EVIL+* on this dark and *Insane Planet*

*OHMANGEL* warns the *Warmongers of Earth TODAY* to stop *Beating around the MullberryBUSH* (which they did!) and *Change* DieVert from the folly of their ways, before it's too late!

The *OhmShow* is Available on DVD CD through mail order only by request, email: petemorrison@ohmangel.com or more FREE MP3's ONLINE OhmAngel @ MySpace.

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NEW remastered Cd Albums coming soon this summer of all 8 CD's and 3 DvD's containing all the videos and reality show of the band

Originally known in the early 80’s as *Ohm and the Secret Sources* Then transforming during the 90’s into *Ohm and the Temple of Sound* to finally resurrect in the new millenia as *OhmAngel*. Treading the path of Truth *Love *Peace & *Harmony. *Pete Morrison* is *OHMANGEL* in The OhmShow* ©*2001-2013.

More about *Ohm and the Secret Sources* at the Canadian Museum of Music 1 and even more at Canadian Museum of Music 2

His Video C.C.Trooper, and the book Walking in the Light were written in Memory of Ms. Cheryl Lynn Gunn, Pete Morrison‘s beloved partner of 13 years. And in her memory*****WaLKING In The light* the book, video, miniMovie, with her Swan Song performance is available online at Lulu.com. Pete Morrison is working on developing the *Cheryl Lynn Gunn Center* for Women and Children in Toronto, and is Donating major portions of any Royalties from his CDs, DVDs, and Book towards this cause.


OhmAngel deals with the WORLD‘s issues of today, Concerning man‘s survival in the Universe. OhmAngel*Warns us about the upcoming wars that will happen, if man keeps stirring up hatred, in his cauldron of Evil!.

On stage with The Original ”OHMandTEMPLEofSOUND”, Pete Morrison portrays the Comic book character *OHMANGEL* A time traveller from the shadows of man‘s mind, here to save the planet and deliver humanity from 'EVIL ... guiding us back to the stars where we belong.

*Going Home to MARS* is the latest hit featured on OhmAngel‘s Diamond*Babies project

With special Homage to Alice Cooper KING of Shock Rock...And....... a special thanks to NASA on the Re-Mastered Cd as well as the Original *EXIT FROM a DREAM* EP Album (by the Original *Ohm and The Secret Sources ‘Band’ featuring *Astrid Young, *Shia Faust, *Priscilla Mongeon, *Kevin Read, *John Deakin, *Mark Boddington, *Mike Lynch, *Richard Lelki (Soul), *Nick Brewerton, and *Pete Morrison)

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The New CD “SyNCHROnIC” Order of the UnIverse” Is Coming soon, featuring Steve Madden, Niko Love, RJ Schwager, and Ben St Nick.

Pete Morrison *OhmAngel* is a Producer Singer/Songwriter/Videographer based in Toronto with over 20 years of dedication, & 12+ years hands on experience, 7 CD projects, 3 Video DVD’s and a Live Reality Show in progress all original published works through OhmPublishing (SOCAN).